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    Michele A. Finley Review!

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Put Your Best Face Forward with Clear+Brilliant™

    Last updated 10 months ago

    If you want to look younger, a Clear + Brilliant™ treatment from the medical spa can bring you the results you desire. Not only does this help improve the texture and tone of your skin, but it can also improve its natural radiance and decrease the appearance of unsightly pores.

    Clear + Brilliant™ is a safe and effective treatment option that does not cause discomfort. Patients can get the treatment and get back to their daily activities with minimal downtime. No matter what kind of skin you have, this treatment can improve it and give you the complexion you desire.

    Come visit Michele A. Finley, M.D. and the rest of the team at the medical spa to try out Clear + Brilliant™, Botox Cosmetic, or even smartlipo today. We make it easy to get the beauty treatments that you need to feel your best. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (317) 571-9966.  

    How Sculptra® Aesthetic Differs from Other Injectable Fillers

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Injectable fillers can fill in wrinkles, lines, and folds to take years off of one’s appearance. Sculptra® Aesthetic offers similar results in a different, more efficient way. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between Sculptra® Aesthetic and other injectable fillers on the market:

    Sculptra® Aesthetic Actually Replaces Collagen

    As the skin starts to age, it does not produce as much collagen. This leads to looser skin that is more prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Most injectable fillers merely fill in these areas but do not offer a long-lasting solution. Sculptra® Aesthetic, however, actually replaces this missing collagen so your body does the work it needs to do to create firmer, younger-looking skin. Since this product allows you to actually replace the collagen, you get more gradual, natural-looking results.

    Sculptra® Aesthetic Has Different Treatment and Result Times

    Most other injectable fillers offer immediate results as soon as they are injected, but these results only last for about three to six months. Sculptra® Aesthetic usually requires about three injection sessions that spread out across a few months. These three treatments actually change the structure of your skin, however, which is why this filler has results that often last longer than two years.

    Sculptra® Aesthetic Targets Deep Wrinkles and Folds

    Similar to other injectable fillers, this product targets deep folds and wrinkles. Sculptra® Aesthetic mostly focuses on smile lines, marionette lines, and chin wrinkles to bring patients more even, youthful-looking skin.

    If you are ready to get long-lasting results for your wrinkles and fine lines, Dr. Michele A. Finley can help. She will personally administer this impressive injectable filler that knocks years off of your appearance. We also offer liposuction, smartlipo, and thermage to help you look and feel your best. To learn more about our treatment options or to schedule an appointment at the medical spa, visit us online or call (317) 571-9966.

    Is Botox® Cosmetic Safe to Use?

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Many people hesitate before getting a Botox Cosmetic injection because they think it might spread to other parts of the body. Botox is actually a completely safe and effective treatment for wrinkles and fine lines.

    Botox is injected into the skin or the muscle and is almost immediately absorbed onto the surface of the nerves. Once it is inside the nerve, it cannot travel to another area. The Botox actually stops the nerve from releasing chemicals to contract muscles and cause more wrinkles. Learn more in this video.

    Come visit Michele A. Finley, M.D. to try out Botox, injectable fillers, or even SmartLipo to target your problem areas and improve the way you feel about your appearance. For more information, visit us online or call (317) 571-9966.

    Your Guide to BOTOX® Cosmetic

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Botox Cosmetic is a product that helps reverse the signs of aging so you can get an appearance that more closely resembles how you feel inside. Use this guide to learn more about the product and what it can do for you:

    What It Treats

    Most people choose to get Botox to target frown lines and winkles that prematurely age the face. The doctor can inject this prescription medication directly into the problem areas to actually prevent the nerve impulses in these muscles. Without the added movement, new lines and wrinkles will not form. Many people choose to get the injection between the eyebrows, but you can ask your doctor to target your specific problem areas.

    What Kind of Results to Expect

    After your Botox treatment, you should start to see results within a few days. You will also notice continued improvement for about thirty days after the initial injection. This one treatment provides results that can last for up to four months. Botox gives you a non-surgical way to get the aesthetic results that you want. It will not, however, drastically alter your appearance and make you look like you had a surgical procedure done.

    What to Expect from the Procedure

    The Botox injections only cause a minimal amount of discomfort. Your doctor might spend some time numbing the area before injecting the product, but you will probably only spend about ten minutes in the medical spa. Most patients do not experience any downtime after they get a Botox injection, which means you can enjoy real results without the need to disrupt your entire day.

    If you want to try Botox for yourself, come visit Michele A. Finley. From Botox to liposuction, Dr. Finley gives you the treatment options that you need to see the results you want. For more information on our medical spa, visit us online or call (317) 571-9966.

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